Business Development Israel-EU  

We’ll open you the doors to Europe- Focus Germany DACH & Israel
20 years of vast connections in Israel , Germany & Europe.
  • Israel- Vast local connections and experience with local distributors/ partners /customers - in all fields of medical devices & IVD . We will allocate for you the right distributor thanks to our 20 years of local connections in the Israeli Medical Device market.
  • Germany - EU - Long term familiarity with the European mentality and the ability to negotiate accordingly, 20 years of experience with the European market and medical device manufacturers , we speak German & have a  German Citizenship . 
  • With our partners in Germany , we define the right sales strategy for you , assist to negotiate with the potential distributor and as jurists and our legal experience , we can guide you during  the agreement process.
  • Together , our partner and us , as a team , we can find the best sales partners for you - the ideal sales channels both  in Israel, Germany / Europe .
  • We also conduct a market research if needed , and assist to find the right marketing strategy for you in Israel , Germany , Europe. 

Let us, the professionals, be there with you!!!

Your Success is Assured with us!!!

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L.S.Marketing & Registration
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