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Dear Liat and Shuky, 
We would like to thank you for your help with receiving medical device certification for Orthoflex.
Without your dedicated support and help and consistency we would not have received this certification.
Thank you very much,
Dr. Arye Oko
CEO, Orthoflex

Dear Liat and Shuky,  
I would like to express my appreciation for the manner in which you implemented the registration of the medical devices for us.
During this time, in which regulation is so significant to the existence of our business, your professional assistance is a vital resource for our existence.
Thank you and looking forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation.

Kodan Medicam Medical Supply Ltd.  decisively recommends L.S. Marketing & Registration. We wish to note the excellence and professionalism that characterize Shuky and Liat. 
Whether it was regular ongoing work or a problem, they addressed the issue quickly and thoroughly, to our complete satisfaction.
Danny Koifman 
Kodan Medicam
Medical Supply Ltd.
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Dear Liat, Shuky and the entire L.S. Marketing & Registration team, 
At the beginning of this new year, 
on my behalf, and on behalf of the Novogold team, I would like to take this festive opportunity to thank you for your courteous and professional service throughout all the years we have worked together, your close guidance and support throughout, your knowledge and  confidence in us was a lamp unto our feet. 
Yigal Goldenberg 
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We have been using the services of L.S Marketing & Registration for several years.
Liat, Shuky and the team manage all our registration matters successfully and with outstanding diligence.
Your ongoing help and support and uncompromising professionalism allow us to succeed together.
Liraz Shlomoff 
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Liat and Shuky Nadel and the L.S Marketing & Registration team are extremely professional, reliable and intelligent and provide an effective, professional and thorough response
for various regulatory registrations. 
We are extremely satisfied with our work together with them and are very happy to recommend them. 
Ronny Zer
CEO, Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd.
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Our company has been importing medical devices to Israel for over 35 years. 
In recent years we have worked in full cooperation with L.S.Marketing & Registration - Shuky and Liat Nadal and their team, in all aspects of medical device certification. 
Their experience and qualifications has contributed greatly to our work with the Medical Device Department. 

We are grateful  for their attentive ear and thorough and continuous treatment of all  matters related to the different permits.
Ran Habuba, Manager Physiotherapy Sector
Hagai Medical & Nursing Eq. LTD.
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Both GC and Osada have been using L.S.Marketing & Registration’s professional and reliable services for several years.

We are satisfied and strongly recommend their services and are grateful for their help and thoughtfulness in our ongoing work. 
Bleumenthal Zohar
CEO, GC Osada

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L.S. Marketing and Registration
We would like to thank you for guidance, support, dedication and professional treatment in everything related to the registration of our file in the Medical Device Department - Ministry of Health. 
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and sweet new year! 
Al Rad Medical
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Dear All, 
We have been using the services of L.S Marketing & Registration for about a year.
L.S Marketing & Registration provide our companies with professional, efficient and high quality service, while meeting predetermined deadlines and in accordance with the company’s requirements.
We highly recommend working with L.S Marketing & Registration, a serious company that is attentive to its customers’ needs and is characterized by professionalism and impeccable expertise.
Well done! 
Revital Rotman
Sales Manager

We, at Naveh Pharma, are happy to highly recommend L.S Marketing & Registration.
We are helped a lot by the company’s services.
Liat and Shuky deliver professional and prompt service in all aspects of registration
and customs clearance documentations for medical accessories and general consultancy on regulatory matters.
We’d be happy to provide further details by telephone.  09-881-00000.
Nitzan Primor, CEO
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Shuky Nadel - CEO
Dear Sir, 
Re:  L.S. Marketing & Registration
Our company is a pioneer in the development of noninvasive technology that provides information on the autonomic nervous system.
This technology is implemented to detect respiratory disorders during sleep in the hospital
with no need for hospitalization in a sleep lab, for noninvasive early prediction of cardiac disease, arterial blockage.
It is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange-Aviv since 2007.
L.S. Marketing & Registration provides our company with professional assistance with 
receiving and renewing certification from the Ministry of Health for the company’s products (medical devices) and for receiving free import orders.
We receive professional, courteous and prompt service. 
Shlomo Ayanot
VP Engineering & Operations
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To whom it may Concern, 
After working independently with the Ministry of Health for about 10 years I turned to L.S.Marketing & Registration, so that they could save me. 
I have no words to describe the burden they took off me in regard to import permits for LinMed.
Their service is prompt and courteous and very professional.

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