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The new Israeli Medical Device Law - Medical Device Law 5772-2012 & IRH – Israeli Registration Holder Services – Israeli RA Authorized Rep.
57% of the Israeli Life Sciences Industry comprises of medical device companies and Israel outperforms other developed countries in the number of life sciences patents - 1/3 more then USA and more then Germany, UK, France and Japan combined.
  • Independent IRH – Israeli Registration Holder Services for MD Field
  • A big advantage in case that manufacturer do not want to appoint a specific distributor in Israel. We will register the products in the Israeli MOH , will make the follow up with MOH and will be the RA Rep. in Israel. We will update MOH concerning all regulatory issues incl. recalls. Manufacturer will forward then the final Amar approval to various manufacturers
  • Or allocation of MD Distributor/s in Israel- Market
  • Thanks to our wide connections in the Israeli MD Field, we can help manufacturers to find the right distributor/s. We will check the distributor, we will make a market research if needed and will give you all needed assistance until final agreement w/the right distributor/s .

A Medical Device will be registered in Israel by an Israeli citizen or by a corporation registered in Israel- Israeli Registration Holder.
The validity of the registration in the Register will be determined according to various Registration Periods of the approvals – CE , ISO13485, FDA 510K etc..
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